Pricing Policy & Turnaround

Our prices are fair, modest, and competitive. Using our Instant Quote Utility, it is easy to calculate our coating prices for standard tools without having to contact us. 

IVAC’s general rules for price computation are as follows: 

  • Solid high speed steel tools are priced according to the basic tables.
  • Tools double ended, carbide-tipped/brazed, or with oil holes/crevices, are subject to a price multiplier of x1.5.
  • TiCN, K-Coat, and solid carbide tools are subject to a price multiplier of x1.3
  • For any given tool only the single largest multiplier applies. For example, a TiCN coated brazed tool with oil hole will have a single multiplier of x1.5.
  • Minimum Order: $60 for any given order.

We offer our customers generous discounts, which depend on the billed total as follows:

     15% off orders over $600
     20% off orders over $1,200
     25% off orders over $3,000
     30% off orders over $6,000
     33% off orders over $10,000

Note: Only Standard Tools are discounted

Typical lead time: 3-5 business days for standard tools which can be coated in a single batch. Very small orders, or those containing tools with incompatible processing needs, might take longer to complete. 

Expedited orders: 1-3 business days on a ‘best effort’ basis, with no guaranteed lead time. No extra charge, but no discounts for these orders. 

Rush Orders: 1-2 business days guaranteed, assuming delivery before 9:00 am. 

Express Orders: 8-12 Hours guaranteed, subject to availability and to extra charge.  

  • Expediting charges are assessed in excess of standard processing charges.
  • Items with large thermal masses may require longer processing times.
  • The above schedule assumes quantities of up to one production batch of compatible items. 

Notify us of upcoming urgent jobs! With prior arrangement and planning it is often possible to reduce charges and lead time.

For clarity of definition of the job and the fastest turnaround time every order you submit to us should include:

Contact Information

  • Company Name
  • Contact Name
  • Email Address/Phone/Fax Number
  • Shipping and Billing Address

Job Identification and Definition

  • Purchase Order # or other Reference
  • List, quantity, and description of items to be coated
  • Dimensions (sketch) and material of items to be coated
  • The desired coating
  • Areas that MUST be coated and MUST be masked
  • Tolerance and reconditioning criteria for grinding jobs

Packaging and shipping instructions, shipper, insurance.

For quotes on tools with dimensions outside the tabulated range or with complex shapes, and quotes for regrinding or resharpening, please contact us during business hours.

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