Available positions:

General / Production Worker (full-time)

General / Production Worker (full-time)

  • $14 to $20 per hour, depending on experience
  • Health insurance (including dental and vision) beginning after 3 months of full-time employment
  • 10 days per year paid time off beginning after 3 months of full-time employment
  • Be hard working, detail-oriented, and thorough
  • Be able to lift 50 pounds
  • Be able to sit, stand, squat, lean over, bend, twist, reach, climb a ladder and move about our 10,000 square foot facility
  • Reliably arrive at our facility ready to work by 8am
  • Coordinate with others to ensure efficient operations
  • Be attentive and report any issues to others in a timely manner
  • Generally follow procedures & guidance for tasks such as:
    receiving shipments,
    inspecting parts,
    loading & unloading parts,
    washing & drying parts*,
    preparing parts & packages for shipment,
    performing routine system & inventory checks,
    keeping equipment & facility clean and organized

* Washing and drying parts is often the most lengthy task, and includes:

  • Preparing cleaning equipment
  • Scheduling washing so that it may be safely paused when unattended (e.g. during breaks).
  • Moving parts through the various stages of cleaning equipment
  • Inspecting cleanliness and manually cleaning any remaining residues
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