About Us

Founded by George Fischer PhD in 1985, Ion Vacuum Technologies Corporation (IVAC) is a different kind of company with truly exceptional, highly educated personnel. Every IVAC employee is a university graduate, and many have advanced degrees in engineering and sciences, with expertise in vacuum technology, tribology, materials science, mechanical engineering, electronics, computers, and business.

We care and take pride in our work – and love it! You’ll feel this immediately when you call us. We’ll answer your questions, giving you as much time as needed to discuss – and solve – your problem. We don’t mind walking our customers through our process, explaining anything and everything they need or want to know to be informed. As far as we are concerned the more our customers know, the more likely they are to stick with us.

And we take pride of the fact, that our very first client, from the time we opened our doors and started our business in 1985, is still our client! Moreover, our second client still coats with us! We try to ensure the satisfaction of each and every client and will go the extra mile to make sure that your customer-experience with us is the best you’ve ever had.